What is eSalary & eBill?

The eSalary SW is used to process monthly salary of all employees of the HP Government (1.96 Lakh) in 52 IPAOs (selected treasuries) and disburse the salary directly through banks (ECS) into the accounts of individual employees. The employees can access their salary details online for information and income tax purposes. The 4450 plus DDOs have web-based access to the SW for making monthly changes into their employees’ salaries. All salary bill data is electronically ported into the HPOLTIS. Data is generated for the eNPS SW for transferring to NSDL. The AG Deductions part is made available to HP AG office in electronic format.

From March, 2016 eSalary and eBills would be prepared electronically by all DDOs . The DDOs can access Application using existing login and password issued by respective IPAOs.

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Following 52 treasuries have been designated as IPAO Treasuries
IP01 DTO Capital Treasury Capital Treasury
IP02 DTO Bilaspur Bilaspur, Naina Devi
IP03 STO Ghumarwin Ghumarwin,Jhandutta
IP04 DTO Chamba Chamba,Salooni,Chowari,Bhalie
IP05 STO Bharmour Bharmour
IP06 STO Tissa Tissa
IP07 DTO Hamirpur Hamirpur,Sujanpur
IP08 STO Barsar Barsar
IP09 STO Naduan Naduan
IP10 STO Bhoranj Bhoranj
IP11 DTO Kaza Kaza
IP12 DTO Kullu Kullu,Banjar,Manali
IP13 STO Nirmand Nirmand,Ani
IP14 DTO Dharamshala Dharamshala
IP15 STO Kangra Kangra,Baroh
IP16 STO Dehra Dehra,Khundian,Rakkar
IP17 STO Nurpur Nurpur,Indora
IP18 STO Palampur Palampur,Dheera
IP19 STO Baijnath Baijnath
IP20 STO Jaisinghpur Jaisinghpur
IP21 STO Kaswan Kotla Kaswan Kotla
IP22 STO Jawali Jawali,Fatehpur
IP23 DTO Kalpa Kalpa,Pooh,Sangla,Moorang,Nichar
IP24 DTO Keylong Keylong
IP25 STO Udaipur Udaipur
IP26 DTO Mandi Mandi,Balichowki,Kotli,Aut
IP27 STO Sundernagar Sundernagar
IP28 STO Joginder Nagar Joginder Nagar,Ladbhdol,Padhar
IP29 STO Karsog Karsog,Nihri
IP30 STO Sarkaghat Sarkaghat,Baldwara
IP31 STO Chachiot Chachiot,Thunag
IP32 DTO Pangi Pangi
IP33 DTO Shimla Shimla,Suni,Junga
IP34 STO Theog Theog,Kotkhai,Kumarsain
IP35 STO Nerwa Nerwa,Kupvi
IP36 STO Rampur Rampur,Nankhari
IP37 STO Rohru Rohru,Tikkar,Chirgaon,Jubbal
IP38 STO Chopal Chopal
IP39 STO Dodra Kawar Dodra Kawar
IP40 DTO Nahan Nahan,Dadahu,Sangrah,Pachhad
IP41 STO Rajgarh Rajgarh,Noradhar
IP42 STO Poanta Poanta,Shillai,Kamrau
IP43 DTO Solan Solan,Kandaghat
IP44 STO Arki Arki
IP45 STO Kasauli Kasauli,Krishangarh
IP46 STO Nalagarh Nalagarh,Ramshehar
IP47 DTO Una Una,Haroli
IP48 STO Amb Amb
IP49 STO Bangana Bangana
IP50 STO Dharampur Dharampur,Sandhol
IP51 STO Dalhausie Dalhausie,Sihunta
IP52 STO Delhi Delhi
    (Preparation of Salary Bills)
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