Frequently Asked Questions

# Working hours of treasuries for government transaction.
District Treasuries : 10 AM -1.30 P.M.,  on  10th of every month, all Saturdays and last working days of every month 10 – 12 Noon. Sub Treasuries : 10  AM - 1.30 P.M. All Saturdays and last working days of every month 10 – 12 Noon.
# Difference between Non banking and Banking treasury
where cash transaction is done by the treasury it is known as Non Banking Treasury and where cash transactions are done at banks, is Banking treasury.
# Timing for issuance of stamp
3 PM. Challans are passed up to 1.30 PM. Direct sale to public above the limit of 2000 and below it through stamp vender. Documents to be attached with the bills.
# Salary Bill
  • To be prepared on H.P.T.R. 2
  • Schedules of all deduction/recoveries are to be attached.
  • AG deduction in single schedule and Treasury deduction in duplicate may be attached with Receipt head of Account.
  • GPF schedule should carry number in ascending order.
  • In case of leave salary and  Pay fixation, copy of original sanction order may be attached.
  • Copy of LPC in case of transferred employee, where LPC has not been received , initial of pay scale up to 3 months may be paid.
  • In the  GIS Schedule Head of account, Bill number and name of establishment should be recorded 
  • In the  MCA & HBA  Loan Account No.  should be given.
# Medical Bills
  • To be prepared  on Form No.H.P.T.R.-5
  • Prescription slip
  • Original cash memo
  • Permission from DHS for treatment out  side state.
  • Bill may be presented to the DDO with in 3 months from completion of treatment.
# T.A. Bills
  • Bill may be presented on H.P.T.R. 5.
  • Tour Programme may be  verified by competent authority
  • Attendance certificate in case court evidence.
  • Cash memo in case of Hotel charges.
  • Ticket Numbers of train / aero plane / deluxe buses.
  • Bills may be preferred on HPTR-5
  • Copy of Transfer Order.
  • G.R. may be attached.
# Contingency
  • May be preferred on HPTR-5.
  • Sanction order in original may be attached Detail of items purchased may be enclosed with the bill.
  • Bill may be preferred on H.P.T.R.-4 Original sanction on proper Proforma with  Account No. Payment be made only on treasury copy received from A.G. in case of GPF final Payment.Original sanction is valid for 3 months.
  • Pre-receipted separate bill for saving and insurance on Form No. 12-Sanction in triplicate along with service book In case of deceased, nomination, death certificate, legal heir and power of attorney in favour of claimant.
# DCRG Bill
  • May be preferred on  HPTR-2.
  • Original copy of certificate and report (C&R) issued from A.G. and sanction from DDO with one spare copy of both.
  • Object code- 39
  • Head of Account: - 2071 - 01- 104
  • 02 before 31.10.66 - 03 After 1.11.66
# Leave encashment - HPTR-2
  • Original sanction from DDO in duplicate
  • Head Of Account -2071 - 01- 115
# DLI-Deposit Link Insurances  -  HPTR-2
  • Original copy may be attached from A.G. Office.
  • Valid 6 months.
  • Head Of Account - 2235.
# Ex-Gratia -  HPTR-2
  • Original sanction from Finance Department.valid with in financial year.
# Refund voucher
  • May be preferred on  HPTR-8.
  • Payment and corresponding receipt head may be     mentioned.
  • Proper authorization from competent authority.
# Grant in Aid / Scholarship
  • Bills may be Presented on HPTR-5.
  • Original Sanction from competent authority.
# Grant in Aid / Scholarship Procedure in case of Time-barred.
  • Definition: A claim not preferred in the treasury with in one year from its becoming due is a time barred claim.
  • TA: If officer is not controlling officer of his own the date of submission of claim to the controlling officer is one year. Rule 2.25 HPFR  letter below:-
         If claim is un drawn for more than 1 year but less than 3 years, investigation sanction is required from Head of the Department and pre-audited from AGHP. In case of pay and allowances (petty claims),  but up to the monitory limit of  Rs 2000/- which is over one year old  but not more than three years old, may be paid by Disbursing Officer without any authority from AGHP.
  • Pre-audited bill: If claim is more than three years old, adhoc sanction from government is required. Validity period for pre-audited bills expires after  six months from date of pre-audited sanction.
# Delegation of financial power
  • In case of leave and transfer of DDO , formal orders for declaring of DDO needs to be issued as per provision of Rule
  • 1.26 of HPFR Vol-1 letter No  20- 8/69-Fin (T&A)-XIII  Dated 1.12.20
# Whom can pensioner contact?
  • In case of leave and transfer of DDO , formal orders for declaring of DDO needs to be issued as per provision of Rule
  • 1.26 of HPFR Vol-1 letter No  20- 8/69-Fin (T&A)-XIII  Dated 1.12.20
  • Concerned Bank.
  • D.T.O.
# Family Pension
  • Enhanced Family Pension- 7years from the death of the pensioner or 65 years age which ever is earlier.
  • Normal- Thereafter.
# When Pension becomes Family Pension - documents required
  • Death certificate.
  • Pension portion of pensioner.
  • Legal heir certificate.
  • In case minor Family Pension-Indemnity bond, succession certificate, guardianship.
  • Certificates of remarriage and re-employment to be furnished once in the month of April.
  • Life certificate once in a year or personal appearance before pension disbursing officer.
# Restoration of commuted portion
  • If the pensioner has received commuted value before 1.1.1996, commuted portion of pension will be restored after 138 months from the date of payment of commutation or 70 years of age which ever is later.
  • In case of class-IV, 130 months from the date of payment of commutation or 70 years which ever is later.
  • In case of period after 1.1.1996, 15 years from the date of payment of commutation.
# Option for Medical Reimbursement
  • Pensioner is required to send his option to the treasury through his Head of Office with in 3 months from the date of retirement. Same in  case of family pension on death of employee.
    (Preparation of Salary Bills)
  • ePension
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  • eVitran
    (Online Budget Disbursement)
  • eChallan
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  • eKosh
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