What is eKosh?

eKosh is the central information dissemination interface through the Internet for various stakeholders like Finance Department, HODs, DDOs, employees, AG, Pensioners etc. All kinds of MIS reports are available on this Interface in the public domain.

For Finance Department
For Departments [HODs/DDOs]
Graphical Dashboard
Reserve Bank Deposits [Net Cash Outgo] (Compiled)
RBD Affecting Highest Expenditure Bills - All Treasuries
Pending Bills - Commitment Control (Expected Liability)
Period Wise Passed Bills with largest Gross Amount
Original Budget (April) Allocation Vs Treasury Expenditure
State Level Summeries (Compiled/Passed)
Comparison - Receipt of two FinYear (Compiled or Booked)
Comparison - Expenditure of two FinYear (Compiled or Booked)
Drill Down Head Wise Receipt Detail(Compiled or Booked)
Drill Down HOD Expenditure Detail(Passed and Compiled)
HOD Expenditure Detail (Sub Minor Head Wise)
Drill Down SOE Expenditure Detail(Passed and Compiled)
For Excise Receipts Only.
Zone Wise/ District Wise Excise Consolidated Income Figures
For Budget/Tribal Development etc.
Demand Wise Expenditure (Compiled)
Demand Wise Budget Allocation
For PFMS Reconcilation
PFMS Mapped Scheme Data
eContracts - AOC/NIT
Notice Inviting Tenders (NIT)
Award of Contracts (AOC)
GOI Sanctions
View GOI Sanctions
For HODs and DDOs
eBudget-HOD Wise Budget Allocation
HOD Wise Expenditure (Compiled/Passed)
Consolidated DDO Wise Allocation and Expenditure Report for HOD
eVitran-Drill Down Budget Distribution Detail
Current DDO Allocation and Expenditure (Passed and Compiled)
* List of Retirements Due in E-Salary (Next 24 Months)
For DDOs
DDO Monthly Expenditure Report
*DDO Voucher / Challan After FY 2016
DDO Voucher / Challan Before FY 2016
DDO Wise Expenditure Query (Budgetted and NonBudgetted)
DDO Wise Receipt (Query)
For Works Department (LOC Cheques)
DDO Wise Cheque Payment/Receipt(8782)
LOC Quarterly Expenditure (Compiled/Passed)
LOC Expenditure As per Selected Date (Compiled/Passed)
For Third Party Payments
Miscellaneous Payments/eBhugtan to Contractor,Vendor, employee, Pensioner or any individual
eBhugtan Mobile App Available DownLoad Now
For AG (Audit)
Consolidated DDO Wise Expenditure and Allocation Data
View eBill/Voucher
 Check-Treasury wise Data Availability Status
    (Preparation of Salary Bills)
  • ePension
    (Online Pension Processing)
  • eVitran
    (Online Budget Disbursement)
  • eChallan
    (GoHP receipt via online mode)
  • eKosh
    (Online Financial Reporting)
    (New Pension Scheme MIS)
    (Electronic transfer of VLC Data)
    (Treasury Information System)